In Pursuit of What Matters Most.  For 65 years HORAN has created plans to control health care costs, protect your wealth and insure your life.  But the end game for all that we do at HORAN is more than a set of plans.  We believe good health and true wealth create a better quality of life for our clients and their families.

The daily work at HORAN originates from a belief that three things matter most to our clients: access to quality, affordable health care, the ability to build long-term wealth and the counsel to achieve financial goals and protect assets for a lifetime.  For over 65 years, HORAN has developed plans to control costs, insure lives and protect wealth.  This is the foundation of what we do.

We deliver Health, Wealth, and Life services to individuals, families and employers designed around essential client needs, including:

HORAN has a strong regional presence with a national footprint.  We bring the best services, resources and value to our clients through our national partnerships.

At HORAN, we're in the business of health, wealth and life.

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