Better Investing Most Active As Of November 21, 2015

 November 21 2015     David Templeton
Periodically I detail the most active stocks reported by Better Investing members. Apple (AAPL) continues to be a favorite of Better Investing members, while Qualcomm (QCOM) is the only stock in the top 10 that is showing greater selling interest versus buying interest. New to the list since I list provided an update in August is Under Armour (UA), Visa (V) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). Dropping of...

Bullish Investor Sentiment Takes A Hit

 November 19 2015     David Templeton
Today's Sentiment Survey release by the American Association of Individual Investors saw bullish investor sentiment fall 3.5 percentage points. This follows a decline in bullish sentiment of 4.7 percentage points in the prior week. Also, during this two week period, bearish sentiment has increased from 18.6% to 38.68% this week.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsSource: AAIIThe individual inve...

Market Potentially Facing Near Term Technical Headwinds

 November 19 2015     David Templeton
After the S&P 500 Index pullback on Thursday and Friday last week, the market's advance on Monday and Wednesday has taken the S&P back into positive territory for November. This is impressive given the 8% gain in October. With this month and a half recovery though, the market seems to be facing some technical headwinds.Of particular interest is the fact the Onbalance Volume Indicator (OBV) has bee...

Budget Bill Has Changed Social Security Strategies

 November 17 2015     Anna Pfaehler
Shifting Social Security StrategiesThe Senate approved a bipartisan budget agreement Friday that averted a government default and ended battles between congressional Republicans and the Obama administration over fiscal policy. The bill is expected to be signed by the President this week.Buried within the budget agreement are changes to Social Security that may affect how and when many retirees tak...

Low Bond Yields Heighten Bond Return Risk When Rates Rise

 November 15 2015     David Templeton
Although the rate of interest currently paid on high quality bonds today is at levels last seen in the early 1950's, investors generally allocate a portion of their investment portfolio to bonds. One reason for having a portion of an investment portfolio in bonds is the fact bonds tend to hold up well when equity prices decline. Proof of this can be seen in the below chart comparing various stock ...

Narrow Market Breadth And Companies With Negative Earnings Are Leading

 November 14 2015     David Templeton
Although this past week took the S&P 500 Index return for the year into negative territory (down 3.2%) any positive stock returns have been led by only a handful of stocks. For the week, the S&P 500 Index declined 3.7% and was the first weekly decline after six weekly gains.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsAs a recent Goldman Sachs report notes,"five S&P 500 firms – Amazon (AMZN), Google (GO...

Social Security Benefit Increases Do Not Keep Pace With Retiree Costs

 November 8 2015     David Templeton
Many retirees receiving a social security benefit know their monthly benefit will not receive a cost of living adjustment in 2016. This is the third time in the last six years where social security benefits did not increase due to the low inflation environment. ICMA-RC recently compared the growth in social security benefits to the growth in some standard costs faced by retirees. As the below char...

Health Care Power of Attorney for Adult Children

 November 4 2015     Anna Pfaehler
Happy 18th Birthday! Now Sign This… With a child’s 18th birthday comes several “freedoms” of adulthood – from the right to vote to the ability to buy a lottery ticket. The privileges of adulthood are at the expense of some automatic legal protections that children receive. For one, parents are no longer able to make critical healthcare decisions or access healthcare...

Market Looks Overbought Short Term, Longer Term Could Be More Promising

 November 1 2015     David Templeton
Historically, the equity markets have been known to experience some of their largest declines in the month of October. Equity market returns in the just completed October did not fall prey to this statistic though. The S&P 500 Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average had their best monthly returns in four years, both up by more than 8%.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsSource: Advisor Persp...

Rollovers of Designated Roth Accounts

 October 30 2015     Anna Pfaehler
A designated Roth account in an employer retirement plan, like a 401(k) or 403(b), is in many ways similar to a Roth IRA. It is funded with after-tax dollars and allows for tax-free withdrawals in retirement (with qualifications). There are several differences though, and one very important difference for retirees is Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). 
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