What's a myRA?

 February 2 2016     Anna Pfaehler
President Barack Obama introduced myRA to the nation during his State of the Union address in January, 2014. It was made available in November 2015. The government sponsored retirement plan was designed to help people prepare for retirement through a simple, secure and affordable investment account and is a good option for those who are new to saving.

Economic Weakness Centered In Energy/Materials Sector: Not A Recession Yet

 February 1 2016     David Templeton
A significant issue facing investors is determining whether the world is entering into a global recession. Certainly, economic activity in emerging markets has been challenged due in part to the strength of the U.S. Dollar. Global economies are also dealing with the collapse of energy prices and the negative impact energy weakness is having on the broader industrial sectors as energy capital expen...

Understanding The Disconnect In The Correlation Between Oil And Stock Prices

 January 31 2016     David Templeton
Recently a number of commentators on the weekly business shows have commented oil prices and the stock market have been moving in the same direction during the month of January. On the few days oil and stocks moved in opposite directions, the conclusion was this would be a good thing for the overall market. Not wanting to single out any one specfic strategist, but this past Monday, Bill Stone, chi...

Sentiment Supportive Of Further Equity Gains

 January 24 2016     David Templeton
Two Fridays ago (1/15/2016) I highlighted sentiment readings often associated with an oversold equity market. Two days later, Wednesday of this past week, the S&P 500 index bottomed and staged a turnaround, generating its first weekly gain of the year, up 1.4%. A number of the sentiment measures improved with this turnaround, yet two positive return days does not qualify as a new bull market. Belo...

Ed Hyman And Dennis Stattman On Their International Outlook

 January 17 2016     David Templeton
Earlier this week Consuelo Mack of WealthTrack conducted Part II  of her interview (Part I highlighted last week) with legendary economist Ed Hyman, Chairman of Evercore ISI, and Dennis Stattman, fund manager on BlackRock's Global Allocation Fund. This interview occurred after the market weakness experienced during the first week of January so both guests were aware of the early year market contra...

Maximum Fear May Be Near

 January 15 2016     David Templeton
To say the least it has not been a rewarding start for investors in the equity markets so far in 2016. After the volatile downside move in equities today, the S&P 500 Index closed at 1,880, down 8% year to date. Intraday today the S&P 500 Index was down 3.3% and pierced the August low of 1,867 and finally closed down 2.1%. The market action has raised the investor fear level to near oversold level...

If I Won the Lottery

 January 15 2016     Anna Pfaehler
Big jackpots generate buzz about dream cars, early retirement and extended trips. I am both one of the worst and best people with whom to have this conversation. I’m not thinking about how to spend the money. I’m thinking about how to preserve and protect it. So if you would like a wistful conversation about expensive toys, I am the worst person at the water cooler. But for practicalit...

The Clarion Call On The Market

 January 13 2016     David Templeton
On Tuesday The Royal Bank of Scotland's credit chief, Andrew Roberts, made the clarion call to 'sell everything.' He predicts a cataclysmic year faces investors in 2016. A day earlier, a J.P Morgan equity strategist advised investors to sell any rally.Investors are grappling with an increase in market volatility at the start of the New Year. After celebrating the end of a flat to mostly negative y...

Winter 2015 Investor Letter: Narrow Leadership And Heightened Volatility

 January 12 2016     David Templeton
In our recently published Winter 2015 Investor Letter we discuss the challenging year faced by investors in 2015. A number of notable events occurred in 2015, the market succumbed to a 10% correction after going nearly four years without one, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in over nine years, and 2015 equity market returns were concentrated in a handful of names, tho...

Happy New Year!

 January 11 2016     Anna Pfaehler
The holidays always leave me feeling like I’m bleeding cash. I am a saver, not a spender, and even if I earmarked money for certain expenditures, it is not easy to watch it leave my bank account. Plenty of people feel the same way after the holidays and are looking to save more in the New Year.  Here are a few easy ways to increase your savings in 2016:  1. Participate in a Y...
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