Mission, Purpose & Values

Our Mission

We protect your future, today.

Our Purpose

What matters most, each and every day, is helping our clients address three of life’s greatest challenges. We provide access to high quality affordable health care through the bridge of insurance. We provide planning and investment guidance to build wealth for your retirement and ultimately for the next generation. We design insurance products and services to mitigate the risk of living too long, dying too soon or becoming disabled. Yet there’s an underlying passion each associate embraces that goes beyond simply providing plans. We believe good health and sustainable wealth create a better quality of life for our clients and their families. That is why we come to work each day.

For 70 years, HORAN has developed plans to impact costs, insure lives and protect wealth. This is the foundation of what we do.

At HORAN, we’re in the business of Health, Wealth and Life.

Our Values

We believe that our Core Values are a key part of our success. They set the standards by which individual and team performance is measured and rewarded. They are embedded in the way we operate and in the value we create for our clients and the communities where we live and work.

INTEGRITY: We do what is right in all things.
We are open, honest, consistent and committed to the highest ethical standards and fair treatment in all our business practices. Our employees adhere to the letter and the spirit of the law. We treat our clients, our partners and one another with respect. Every employee has a role in protecting our reputation.

COMMITMENT: We will honor our legacy
We are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for our clients, our employees, our partners, our stakeholders and our company. This means outstanding value and service to clients – with ongoing evaluations of our performance. It means genuine concern for and responsiveness to, our employees and their families.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We meet our commitments
If one of us fails, we all fail. We accept our individual and team responsibilities. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions – as individuals and as an organization.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We have a duty to give back.
Accordingly, we are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. Individually and together we support initiatives that educate, enrich and heal. We serve our community with the same commitment we show our clients. We make financial contributions, and we give our time and energies, to keep our region a place where businesses and families flourish.

INNOVATION: We will find ways to do what we already do – better
Through the lens of innovation, we will create real value by continuously developing new client solutions and providing tools to integrate our services into our clients’ business plans and portfolios. Independence and profitability allow for reinvestment in our associates and cutting edge products and services across our Health, Wealth and Life brand.