M Financial Group

M Financial Group

HORAN is a member of M Financial Group. M Financial is an elite financial services company, owned by its members and management team. Its mission is to support its member firms through provision of services and products specifically designed for the affluent market.

HORAN’s association with M Financial provides many benefits to our clients including – institutional pricing on M Financial products, the option to choose multiple carriers through an “open architecture” model and less intrusive underwriting requirements. Through M Financial we gain direct access to insurance carriers to develop product designs, pricing, and performance specifically intended for, and limited to, the affluent risk class. This population group enjoys longer life expectancy, lower lapse rates, and on average requires higher “face amounts” on policies. This results in lower premiums, increased service levels, and more effective client advocacy for our customers.

We’re proud of our relationship with M Financial Group and ability to combine our talents to serve and support multigenerational families and their businesses.

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