United Benefits Advisors

Who We Are

United Benefit Advisors (UBA) is one of the nation's largest privately held employee benefits advisory organizations, with multiple offices located throughout the U.S. UBA members provide benefits consulting and brokerage services to nearly 10,000 private corporations and public employers.

UBA's independence on both the corporate and the member levels sets it apart from publicly traded national competitors. Members commit to serving clients with none of the inherent concessions from the demands of Wall Street.

What We Do

By combining diverse talents, seasoned experience, innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, UBA members offer employers exceptional employee benefits advisory services unmatched in the industry. As trusted advisors, members help their clients manage over $4 billion annually in employee benefit expenditures on behalf of their over 1 million employees and their families.

HORAN is proud to be a United Benefit Advisors (UBA) member. Our membership provides access to the shared knowledge of one of the nation's premier independent benefits firms, including best practices, industry trends, research data, regulatory guidance and customized technology designed specifically to support HR and benefits managers.

We Are Committed To

Provide real solutions to help fulfill your employee benefits needs. Effectively manage your benefits costs. Free your staff to focus on strategic goals.