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Moderate Inflation Benefits Equities

 December 31 2011     David Templeton
During moderate periods of inflation, equities tend to generate decent performance results. I posted the below chart in a post, Where To Invest In An Inflationary Environment, in mid 2010 that details the performance of various investment categories based on different inflation ranges going back to 1972.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsSince mid year 2010 inflation has been trending higher w...

Equity Performance in 2011

 December 30 2011     David Templeton
With the close of trading today, following is a quick look at the 2011 price performance of a few select equity markets around the globe.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsSource: Reuters

Watching The Valuation Of Dividend Payers

 December 26 2011     David Templeton
The investment mantra this year has been to focus on dividend paying stocks. Over the long run, payers have had a tendency to outperform the non payers and this has certainly been the case this year. On the other hand though, valuations do matter and the below chart provides investors with a cautionary view of simply buying "any" investment that has yield.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsSou...

Lost Decade? Maybe not

 December 21 2011     Terry Horan
Recently, there was an important article by Carl Richards writing for the Blog, “Bucks,” in The New York Times. The article bears repeating. Equity investment results in the period between 2000 and 2010 were not so grim if investors prudently followed the wisdom of diversifying their portfolio. In this article, Mr. Richards outlines the performance of a broadly diversified portfolio of equity inv...

Investors Favoring Bond Funds

 December 17 2011     David Templeton
Recent mutual fund flow data shows investors continue to favor bonds over equities.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsFrom The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsSource: ICIWith the sovereign debt issues in Europe top of mind for investors, they continue to bet the best of the worst fixed income investments are U.S. Treasuries. One risk investors face with fixed income investments is the negative i...

Fragile Employment Market

 December 15 2011     David Templeton
The improvement in the unemployment rate earlier this month was certainly positive on the surface. The rate declined to 8.6% from the previously reported 9%. The improvement though came largely from the 300,000 individuals that simply stopped looking for a job. As a result, these additional people are not counted among the unemployed. As the below chart shows, the number individuals not in the lab...

This Time it’s Different

 December 14 2011     Terry Horan
Life Insurance products have developed and matured over time. Policies issued over the last 30-40 years respond positively and negatively to economic trends. In many cases, the policies developed by the insurance companies responded to an economic cycle that never really repeated.  Last year, my friend John Barry of the firm Barry, Evans, Josephs & Snipes in North Carolina developed the chart bel...

Dividend Aristocrat Changes For 2012

 December 11 2011     David Templeton
Going forward S&P has changed the methodology on how they determine which companies qualify as Dividend Aristocrats. S&P notes they will only count regular dividend payments when determining the calendar year total dividend payments of a company. Special cash dividends will no longer be considered.The table below contains a list of Standard & Poor's Dividend Aristocrats for 2012. The rebalance wil...

The Need For Cutting Spending In Washington

 December 11 2011     David Templeton
Much of the rhetoric coming out of Washington is focused on the need for more revenue, specifically from individual tax payers. The millionaire tax discussion is emblematic of this focus. As the below chart shows though, individual tax receipts into the U.S. Treasury are up 22% on a year over year basis through the end of September with overall receipts up nearly 7%.From The Blog of HORAN Capital ...

Financial Stress is Experienced by all of the Working Generations

 December 7 2011     Terry Horan
Employers who help workers deal with financial stress are creating a healthier and more productive work environment. Employers are grappling with the high cost of health care. Many are encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyles to address the spiraling cost of health care – a very important step. But, employers should also recognize that a significant number of their employees are dealin...
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