Contemporaneously - Financial Wellness and Good Health

 September 27 2011     Terry Horan
Recently I did a bicycle trip along the coast of Oregon. I wrote about the trip as some parts were quite beautiful and worth remembering.   In addition, there were some very funny moments. I shared the writings with several friends.   One person asked me if I did the writing “contemporaneously?” That caused me to look up that word because I was unsure of its meaning. My dictionary defined the wor...

Financial Wellness and Stress

 September 23 2011     Terry Horan
Recently MetLife published an excerpt from their annual study on Employee Benefits Trends titled Remodeling the Benefits and Retirement Income Space. It is a well written piece and we would be glad to send you the entire report. I used the report to base my comments below on the importance of financial wellness to overall good health.   Is there a linkage between stress and financial wellness? If...

Does the Nation Lack the Will to Begin?

 September 21 2011     Terry Horan
I am taken with the fact that we will, as a population, live a long time due to excellent and ever improving health care but we are not recognizing the issues that arise to support a long and dynamic life. At best, if one needs to live a long life one would like to live it well which means not only being healthy, but also having the financial means to enjoy life with good health. As my mother says...

Retirement... Are You Ready?

 September 16 2011     Terry Horan
The American System of Retirement could always be diagramed as a three legged stool. In other words if you were going to sit out your retirement years you could depend on a three legged stool to support you. Text books even diagramed this perspective and went to great lengths to outline how it looked and how it worked. The first leg or support system was the Federal Government program of Social...

The Importance of Health.Wealth.Life

 September 11 2011     Terry Horan
In 2010 we rebranded the company and now use the tag, Health, Wealth, Life. Why? Because it positions us to say and take advantage of the things we do at HORAN.  Today, I ground this line in the philosophy of why we are doing what we do. We provide consulting and services to a large number of regional employers and their employees. These products include Group Health Insurance, Long Term Disabil...
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