Financial Planning

The Fiscal Cliff: What is Scheduled to Happen?

 November 20 2012     Michael Napier
As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, the majority of us are focusing on spending time with our families and finding the best shopping deals for Black Friday. While lawmakers are in their home districts this week, their staff is working in Washington laying out the parameters for a deal on the Fiscal Cliff. Will they be able to offer us a holiday recipe to avoid higher taxes and major spending ...

2013 Financial Planning Update: Social Security and Pension Contribution Changes

 November 2 2012     Michael Napier
This isn’t the most exciting news for those of you who aren’t taxation and financial planning pros, but the government has come out with their annual cost of living and inflation changes. This affects those who receive social security benefits as well as those of us who utilize qualified retirement plans. Social Security Changes: The Social Security Administration has announced a 1.7% cost of li...

Financial Planning Must Do: Check and Double-Check Your Beneficiary Designations

 October 23 2012     Michael Napier
This isn’t one of my most exciting financial planning topics, but could be one of the most important.  Frequently, I come across clients or prospective clients with outdated or blank beneficiary designations. Your guess is probably correct on how these situations come about: divorced spouses forgetting to take one another off, deceased spouses forgetting to update with new beneficiaries, etc. Wit...

A Little- Known Financial Planning Strategy

 October 23 2012     Michael Napier
Receiving Lump Sum Social Security Payments through “File and Suspend” I recently attended a social security seminar conducted by a retired social security associate of 35+ years. He reminded me of a social security strategy that I thought would be beneficial to repeat.   The strategy is called “File and Suspend” (aka “Claim and Suspend”). It is available to anyone who has reached their full re...

Welcome to the HORAN Financial Planning Blog

 October 23 2012     Michael Napier
Everybody blogs. In fact, it is estimated that close to 44 million blogs are created each year. Doing the math, that is nearly one new blog per second! So why am I jumping into the blogosphere? To help you get one step closer to achieving your financial goals in easy-to-understand language.   Two of the biggest challenges facing Americans today are access to great health care and the discipline...
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