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Investment Insight - Third Quarter 2011

 July 1 2011
As recent events have indicated, it is not enough just to fill out some paperwork forming an estate plan to manage your assets after your death. For example, California and Florida have held public hearings in an effort to determine if some major insurers are not paying out unclaimed life policies to their rightful beneficiaries. In these hearings, insurers have defended the legality of their acti...

Investor Letter from HORAN Capital Advisors - Third Quarter 2011

 July 1 2011
The market contraction experienced in the third quarter of 2011 was precipitated by Congress’ protracted debt ceiling debate as well as the European Union’s inability to provide a solution to the sovereign credit risks affecting a number of its member countries. Congress and our administration also appear unable to develop a reasonable plan to reduce the U.S.’s budget deficit....

Health Care Tax Increases

 June 1 2011
Taxpayers with substantially higher income should expect to pay more tax liability starting in 2013. The recent health care legislation that President Obama signed into law on March 23, 2010 contains over $400 billion in tax increases throughout the next decade. Individuals earning over $200,000 in wages and joint filers earning over $250,000 will be liable for the majority of this revenue. The...

Great Outcomes: A Newsletter for Retirement Plan Sponsors - June 2011

 June 1 2011
Speaking of the need for employer response . . . here’s an excellent example of responding to an outdated benefit scenario: A local parts and service supplier came to us for a 401(k) review and a desire to increase plan enrollment. With about 90 employees, and locations in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, the company had $4.5 million in plan assets. It is family owned, now run by the th...

Investment Insight - Second Quarter 2011

 April 1 2011
There are few things less romantic than talking about money. That may be why many couples never sit down and have the essential money conversation before they get married. Failing to talk about money together can lead to big problems in a relationship. It can cause financial problems, if partners aren't on the same page about spending priorities or don't share everything that affects the house...

Due Care Bulletin: Financial Strength of Life/Annuity and Insurance Industry

 April 1 2011
In recent weeks, there have been a number of reports published by the major rating agencies highlighting the favorable financial trends for the life/annuity and health insurance industry. A synopsis of these reports, as listed below, is provided in this special Due Care Update.

Great Outcomes: A Newsletter for Retirement Plan Sponsors - April 2011

 April 1 2011
Never say the Internal Revenue Service didn’t do anything nice. In a little known incentive for low-to-median income households to save for retirement, the IRS offers a “saver’s credit” to low-income workers who have contributed to a company-sponsored retirement plan or IRA within the past year and who meet the Adjusted Gross Income requirements. Depending on marital/hous...

Benefits News - Second Quarter 2011

 April 1 2011
The daily work at HORAN originates from a belief that three things matter most to our clients: access to quality, affordable health care, the ability to build long-term wealth and the counsel to achieve financial goals and protect assets for a lifetime. These beliefs drive our team to follow the latest trends related to these issues. Most recently, we have uncovered some disturbing facts.

COLI Annual Filing Requirements

 March 1 2011
This is a reminder that employer-owned life insurance contracts, more commonly referred to as corporate-owned life insurance or COLI, are subject to notice and consent requirements (as well as other requirements) and annual filing requirements with the Internal Revenue Service. If the notice and consent requirements are not satisfied before an employer-owned life insurance contract is first issue...

CMS Disclosure and Medical Expenses

 February 22 2011
In follow up to our November 3, 2010, compliance update, we would like to remind our clients with calendar year plans that the deadline to report the status of prescription drug coverage to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is approaching. To comply with federal regulations under Medicare Part D, any employer offering prescription drug coverage to its employees must send two no...
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