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Tax Bill Update

 December 1 2010
The "Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Authorization and Job Creation Act of 2010" will be soon signed into law by President Obama after approval by both chambers of Congress. The House of Representatives cleared the tax package late into the evening of December 16, by a vote of 277-148, after a long debate over procedural rules. The Senate had previously passed the measure by an overwhelming b...

Great Outcomes: A Newsletter for Retirement Plan Sponsors - December 2010

 December 1 2010
Well, Bernie Ebbers should have been. You remember Bernie. The former CEO of WorldCom and an “accidental” ERISA plan fiduciary. When WorldCom became infamous in 2002 for overstating earnings by more than $3 billion, the stock price collapsed and the company filed for bankruptcy.

Life Insurance Portfolio Performance

 November 1 2010
Over the past months, we sent you some information, via email, on issues trustees or irrevocable life insurance trusts should be concerned with regarding policy performance and carrier solvency.

Your 401(k) Resource - October 2010

 October 1 2010
On September 27, 2010, President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. This Act includes provisions that affect Roth accounts in retirement plans.

Investment Insight - Fourth Quarter 2010

 October 1 2010
You can't build a retirement income portfolio without taking into account all the risks that retirees face in managing their investments. Those risks include:

Declining Interest Rates Can Be Good News for Estate Planning

 October 1 2010
Low interest rates, including the IRS Section 7520 Rate, can have a significant impact on an individual's estate planning process. The effectiveness of many estate planning techniques will and can vary with interest rate fluctuations. When combined with the current low valuation of capital assets, such as stocks and real estate, the impact of historically low interest rates is even more pronounced...

Benefits News - Fourth Quarter 2010

 October 1 2010
Republicans now are in the majority in the House of Representatives and picked up five (net) state governorships, handing the Democratic administration a defeat in the midterm elections. The question becomes - Will it mean anything for you and me?

Duties of Trustees of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

 September 1 2010
Many trustees of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs) believe that their fiduciary duties are mainly limited to paying premiums on the trust-owned insurance policies and sending Crummey notices. In most states, however, the trustee of an ILIT has the same fiduciary responsibilities as the trustee of any other trust. A recent Indiana Court of Appeals case provides an insightful platform from w...

What a Trustee of an ILIT Should Know

 August 1 2010
For many years, estate planners have established irrevocable trusts to own life insurance and keep the death benefit free from estate tax. However, creating an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) means that the insured(s) must relinquish control over the trust, and name one or more trustees to manage the trust assets. In most cases, ILITs are funded only with one or more life insurance policy,...

Investment Insight - Third Quarter 2010

 July 1 2010
Bank on it: Higher fees, and more of them, are coming soon to a financial institution near you. Regulators in the past year have pushed through a raft of changes designed to rein in banks' most abusive practices, from excessive overdraft fees to the way lenders raise interest rates when a credit-card payment is late. The new rules are expected to slice billions from firms' profits - and more if...
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