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Great Outcomes: A Newsletter for Retirement Plan Sponsors - December 2012

 December 1 2012
Season’s greetings to all. With the election behind us, we thought we would have at least some certainty about the direction the “new” Administration will take us. As we go to press, we are not so sure due to the looming “fiscal cliff”, which is still creating confusion. Until it’s resolved, we won’t know how much in taxes we’ll be paying or how m...

The Personal Saving Rate

 October 4 2012
Saving is an important part of any sound financial plan. In order to measure consumer spending and saving, the Bureau of Economic Analysis publishes personal income, expenditure and saving statistics, including the personal saving rate. This saving rate is calculated by taking disposable income (income after taxes), subtracting personal consumption expenditures, and dividing the result by personal...

The Cost of Taking a Cash Distribution

 October 3 2012
Deciding what to do with your 401(k) balance when you leave a job does not have to be difficult. It is something that almost everyone will have to do at some point. The best approach is to look at the various options, understand the differences, and figure out how your decision will impact your ability to save for retirement. In general, here are the options available:   Keep your savi...

Simple Steps for Late Savers

 October 2 2012
The sooner you start putting aside money for retirement, the more you might have once that highly anticipated day arrives. Saving for college tuition, purchasing a new home, unforeseen medical expenses, or life’s other necessities, surprises, or even enjoyments can cause investors to postpone saving. Starting the retirement planning process late in one’s life can be daunting, but it is...

Assessing the Student Loan Landscape

 October 1 2012
These days, borrowing to pay for college has become a lot more defensive. Not only may student-loan terms be less attractive than they were in the past, but new graduates may also get squeezed if they have to begin repaying their loans before they land a job. Owing in no small part to the still-anemic economic recovery, the student loan default rate has been on the rise, according to the U.S. Depa...

Great Outcomes: A Newsletter for Retirement Plan Sponsors - October 2012

 October 1 2012
With the accelerating fade-out of defined benefit pensions, Baby Boomers looking for certain, future income streams are discovering something called “longevity” insurance. Longevity insurance is an annuity contract designed to pay to the policyholder a benefit if they live to a pre-established future age. Anne Tergesen reported the trend in the Wall Street Journal and explained, &ldq...

Investor Letter from HORAN Capital Advisors - Fourth Quarter 2012

 October 1 2012
In 2012, diversification was a strategy which rewarded investors as most asset classes generated strong returns. Positive returns were achieved on a broad basis across the investment landscape with equities, fixed income and alternative investments generating mid-teen returns. The total return for the S&P 500 Index was 16%. U.S. large cap equities were relatively flat for the fourth quarter...

Individual Health and Medicare News - October 2012

 October 1 2012
Greetings! I want to welcome you to our second edition of the HORAN Individual Health and Medicare Newsletter. We developed this quarterly newsletter to keep our clients, friends and colleagues informed on what is transpiring in the current world of Individual Health and Medicare. With election time rapidly approaching in November, health care is a hot topic for Americans. We hope you can use thi...

Individual Health and Medicare News - August 2012

 August 22 2012
The HORAN Individual Health and Medicare team advocates for clients to maximize benefits, minimize costs and improve health.

Great Outcomes: A Newsletter for Retirement Plan Sponsors - August 2012

 August 1 2012
Coming soon to a conference room near you, if it hasn’t already, a meeting with a financial advisor that will bring you sharply up to date on the matter of fees for retirement plans.
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