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More Positive Economic Data Amid Fed Rate Hike

 December 21 2016
A series of data releases last week continue to paint a picture of a broadly improving economy that likely contributed to the Fed raising short term interest rates and indicating that rate increases may accelerate in 2017. Jobless claims, inflation and builder sentiment reports all indicated positive trends on top of previous upward movements. First time unemployment claims fell 4,000 for the we...

Year End Tax Savings Strategies: A Few Thoughts

 December 5 2016
The holidays are here and the elections are finally over. We have less than one month to take advantage of tax saving strategies for 2016. Here are a few ideas we discuss & implement with our clients: Donate to Charity – Appreciated Stock Charitable giving can be a great way to potentially lower taxes in addition to contributing to worthy causes. Instead of giving cash, consider donati...

Inflation Rises and Housing Market Recovery

 October 28 2016
Core inflation and housing starts are two important pieces of economic data which we track on a monthly basis. The rising cost of goods may spur higher interest rates. Increasing housing starts indicate a growing economy and wage growth. We see both of these indicators on a positive direction. Inflation Core inflation seems to be stuck around the 2.2-2.3% mark, as the strong U.S. dollar has ...

Economic & Market Update

 August 31 2016
We expect 2016 real global GDP to grow at a 3.0% rate. U.S. growth should be about 1.5%-2.0%. The probability of a U.S. recession remains low. In Europe, a 2.0% real growth rate has been projected. Uncertainties surrounding these projections have increased as a result of Brexit and slower than expected growth in the U.S.

No Risk? No Way!

 August 31 2016
Investing for retirement is a big deal. The last thing you want is for your investments to lose value. If you’re worried that a drop in the stock market will tank your retirement savings, you may be tempted to fill your portfolio with low-risk cash alternative investments, such as funds holding short-term securities that can be readily converted to cash.* But if you do, you’ll be tradi...

Home Sales on the Rise, but is Credit too Easy?

 July 29 2016
Existing home sales increased by 1.1% m/m to 5.57 million (annualized) in June. This was the fourth consecutive increase. The pickup in activity was broad-based, showing increased sales in both single-family homes and the condo/co-op segment. Home prices have also increased, with first-time home buyers accounting for 33% of all transactions. This increase marked an improvement from the 30% share r...

I'm Too Young to Save for Retirement

 July 28 2016
We often hear the younger generation of workers tell us that saving for retirement is not high on their priority list. It is easy to understand why retirement may not be a main priority for most young workers as they are focused on other life events such as launching their careers, paying off student debt, buying a home, or starting a family. However, what the younger generation needs to understan...

Savings Into Perspective

 July 27 2016
According to the National Institute of Retirement Security, 40% of working households (aged between 25 and 64) have no retirement savings. For those that do, the median balance for households with workers approaching retirement age is $104,000, a rate experts say is one-fifth of the ideal balance, based on a retirement age of 67. It's never too late for employees to start investing or increase ...

New Tool to Help Your Employees Achieve Financial Wellness

 July 27 2016
Knowledge is power. No matter where your employees are in life, the more they know about handling their finances, the better chance they have of reaching their goals. Education is crucial to investment and retirement planning. HORAN Retirement Advisors meet one-on-one with employees to offer investment advice and guidance. HORAN Retirement Advisor's education strategy ensures employees have the in...

April Jobs Report Below Expectations

 May 13 2016
The headline result of 160,000 jobs created in April was a small letdown given many economists were expecting that number to be around 200,000. However, it’s important to look at the U.S. economy and job market over time and not just the monthly intervals that so often grab the headlines of the 24-hour news cycle. On a more positive note the United States has had a healthy five years of...
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