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Q1 2019 Market Performance & Economic Recap Video

 May 16 2019

Knowledge College Q1 2019: An Update on the Active vs. Passive Debate

 May 6 2019
Given the increase in the number of index funds in the current 10-year period ending December 2018, we have separated the results for active and passive: 83% of ten-year top-quartile active managers were unable to  avoid at least one three-year time period in the bottom half of their peer group. This is the lowest result to date, relative to 92, 90, 85 and 89% in our 2015, 2012, 2010 a...

Long Life and Life Insurance

 March 17 2016
The greatest gift of the 20th century was the addition of 30 years of longevity according to Gary Becker, Nobel Laureate and Professor at the University of Chicago. In 1620, when English Settlers first set foot in America, the average life expectancy was 35 years. By 1900, three centuries later, life expectancy had improved to age 47.    Today, life expectancy at birth is 78.8 years. M...

Surrender, Sell, Exchange, Readjust

 February 25 2016
The amount of life insurance surrendered each year is surprising. A 2008 industry study showed that Americans age 65 and older give up about $112 billion in life insurance benefits each year, either by surrendering their policies or by letting them lapse. Other options are more financially sound and should be considered.   Click here to read about other potential courses of action and the r...

Budget Bill Has Changed Social Security Strategies

 November 2 2015
The Senate approved a bipartisan budget agreement Friday that averted a government default and ended battles between congressional Republicans and the Obama administration over fiscal policy. The bill is expected to be signed by the President this week.  But buried within are changes to Social Security that may affect how and when many retirees take Social Security retirement benefits. The t...

Tax Guide 2015

 January 22 2015
2015 Tax Reference Guide

A Republican Congress Awaits – But First the Lame Duck Session

 November 1 2014
Destiny became reality in the midterm elections as the Republicans gained a majority of the Senate and widened their lead in the House to historic proportions. The Republicans now must decide the mix of confrontation and collaboration that will define their leadership. Due to variations in beliefs and campaigning strategies, the rank-and-file members of the two chambers might see this ideal mix di...

Insurance Combined with Investments: VULs are a Good Choice with Current Low Interest Rates

 June 11 2014
Click on the PDFs below to learn more about three of the exclusive products made available to you from the partnership between HORAN and M Financial.

A Budget Compromise is Reached, But Unresolved Issues Remain

 December 1 2013
The bipartisan committee established as a result of the agreement last October to raise the nation's debt ceiling has proposed a compromise plan that, if passed by Congress, would fund the government through September 31, 2015.   The attached article from Andy Friedman, publisher of the Washington Update, discusses the compromise plan and the issues that still remain unsolved.    ...

The Federal Government Shuts Down: Now What Happens?

 October 1 2013
Today is a historic day. It has been almost 18 years since the Federal Government last shutdown for three weeks in the winter of 1995-1996.  The attached article from Andy Friedman, publisher of the Washington Update, she ds light on the shutdown, how we arrived at this point and thoughts on what will happen next.    Andy Friedman, according to CNBC is "one of the nation's most ...
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