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Q1 2019 Market Performance & Economic Recap Video

 May 16 2019

Economic & Market Update

 August 31 2016
We expect 2016 real global GDP to grow at a 3.0% rate. U.S. growth should be about 1.5%-2.0%. The probability of a U.S. recession remains low. In Europe, a 2.0% real growth rate has been projected. Uncertainties surrounding these projections have increased as a result of Brexit and slower than expected growth in the U.S.

No Risk? No Way!

 August 31 2016
Investing for retirement is a big deal. The last thing you want is for your investments to lose value. If you’re worried that a drop in the stock market will tank your retirement savings, you may be tempted to fill your portfolio with low-risk cash alternative investments, such as funds holding short-term securities that can be readily converted to cash.* But if you do, you’ll be tradi...

So You Want to Be a Landlord!

 March 8 2016
Rental property can be a good source of income if you plan carefully. But, before you think about making an offer, you’ll want to do your research. Just like stocks or bonds, rental property is an investment, so it’s important to take the same kind of care when you decide to buy. Name Your Price The amount you’re willing and able to spend on a rental property should be your fir...

Don't Make the Same Mistake

 March 8 2016
What’s worse than making a mistake? Making the same mistake more than once. When it comes to investing for retirement, you can learn from past experience and from the mistakes others have made. By avoiding common investment errors, you may improve your chances for a financially secure retirement. Don’t Be a Follower One common investment mistake is to follow the crowd and put your mo...

Meet Retirement Challenges Head On

 March 8 2016
Gone are the days when employees stayed with one company for their entire working life and then retired with a nice pension. When it comes to having a secure retirement, you may be pretty much on your own. What will your retirement be like? A lot depends on your ability to recognize and overcome the potential financial challenges. Consider some of the challenges you might face in the ye...

Health Care Power of Attorney for Adult Children

 October 30 2015
With a child’s 18th birthday comes several “freedoms” of adulthood – from the right to vote to the ability to buy a lottery ticket. The privileges of adulthood are at the expense of some automatic legal protections that children receive.  For one, parents are no longer able to make critical healthcare decisions or access healthcare records for a child over age 18. Thi...

Getting Offered a Ton of Money for Your Pension? Should You Take It?

 October 30 2015
If you're lucky enough to have been in a traditional, defined-benefit pension plan at some point, it's a choice you may have to make in the next couple of months. Before 2012, when legislative changes made offering lump sums more attractive to companies, the offers weren't common. Activity revved up in 2013 and 2014, and there's been a dramatic uptick this year, said Matt McDaniel, who leads Me...

Existing Home Sales Should Be a Boost to GDP

 October 30 2015
Existing home sales rose by 4.7% m/m in September, increasing to 5.55 million units (annualized). September's gain has nearly reversed the 5% decline experienced during August. The single-family segment was responsible for all of the gain. On a year-over-year basis, home prices were up by 6.1%. The share of distressed home sales remained unchanged in September at 7%, and remains 3 percentage point...

Consumer Confidence and Holiday Spending

 October 30 2015
Consumer confidence fell slightly in October. The view on current economic environment slipped a bit due to a drop in the pace of job growth and ongoing fiscal policy debates in Washington. That said, consumer confidence continues to trend higher with the three-month moving average breaking above 100 for the first time since March.
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