Educational Seminars

On Demand Health Insurance (CINCINNATI)

 HORAN's Corporate Headquarters, 4990 East Galbraith Rd Cincinnati, OH 45236
There's a new concept in the market; a health plan allowing you to pay for additional coverage when you need it.

HORAN is on a mission to bring you innovative solutions to improve health outcomes, control costs and retain staff while adding value to your employee benefit offerings. 

On-demand health insurance is an innovation that is currently trending in the marketplace. We invite you to attend a roundtable discussion spotlighting this solution and BIND, one of the leading providers of the on-demand health insurance model.

Pat Sukum, a representative from BIND, will review how the organization delivers a health plan differently while providing the right coverage at a lower cost than traditional plans.

Who should attend?
Decision makers of self-funded organizations who are concerned about health care costs and are interested in impacting health outcomes while continuing to offer competitive benefits to retain key staff.

What will you learn?
A different approach to health plan delivery.