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It is unlikely that an employee will knock on the door of the human resources department and ask for more money to be taken out of their paycheck, but waiting for employees to
begin saving for retirement on their own may be a costly mistake.

Plan design choices such as automatic enrollment and automatic escalation can affect not only people’s willingness to begin saving but also how successful they are in saving. However, employers may avoid these features because they fear employee push back.

The data tells a different story. Plans with automatic features have employee populations that feel better prepared for retirement, and employees who retire on time can help lower future health care costs for employers. 

95% of automatically enrolled participants were satisfied.

80% of participants with both automatic enrollment and automatic escalation expect to retire when they want.

Rest assured, automatic features are not mandatory. An employee who would prefer to manage their retirement savings differently can always opt out of the plan. While employees may lack the initiative to start saving for retirement on their own, strategic plan design choices can ultimately boost employee confidence and preparedness for retirement.

33% of participants said if they had not been automatically enrolled, they probably would not have started saving for retirement.


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