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PBM 301 Webinar: Cost Containment & Contract Language

Join Us for Our Pharmacy Benefit Management Series

In 1995, prescription drugs represented 6% of national health expenditures, by 2025, it is expected to represent 40%. The number is staggering. What can you do to combat these mounting costs? This four-part series for HR professionals and CFOs is designed to answer that question. Join us to understand the complex world of Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM).

We invite you to participate in all three webinars and attend the live panel seminar on May 6.  

 During this series, you will learn about:

  • Basics of Pharmacy Benefits with a Health Plan

  • Speaking the Language – Terms to Know

  • The Role of a Prescription Benefit Manager, Money Flow & Pricing

  • Best Practice Strategies to Contain Costs

  • Finding the Right PBM Partner

  • What Makes up a Strong PBM Contract

Webinar #3

 PBM 301: Cost Containment & Contract Language


April 1, 2020

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Approved for 1 SHRM  PDC and HRCI credit

In this webinar we will review the basics of PBMs including: 

  • Formulary Management Strategies: What really works?
  • Contract Language: What is most important to include?
  • Bolt-Ons: What else can be added?

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