Client Care Engagement Model

HORAN is a collaborative, service-oriented team of knowledgeable specialists with dedicated resources, extensive training and constant innovation on how to best engage clients’ employees. These resources help your employees understand how to use their benefits as good consumers and realize the value of the benefits they are provided.

Unlike our competitors, HORAN Account Managers don’t work to obtain new clients; they remain dedicated solely to being your partner, managing your plan, caring for your employees and achieving your goals. HORAN Account Managers are the face of HORAN, we bring the entire scope of the company to you. We match the right experts to your unique needs and company culture.

HORAN supports your employees and provides HR assistance on a daily basis. We act as an extension of your HR department to represent your best interests, protect your plan and improve the headaches caused by both the annual renewal process and day-to-day issues. HORAN provides relentless care, advocacy and support for your organization to guide you through the complex challenges of the health care system.

We use a holistic approach to address the many different elements of your health care benefits program. This philosophy allows us to think outside the box and develop better ways to manager your financial impact, maintain your culture and improve employee satisfaction.

Additionally, we know the latest dynamics and initiatives in the ever-changing health care benefits market. We seek out the most promising innovations to develop valuable applications to better meet your needs.

The HORAN team is three times the size of competitors with experience and a deep understanding of providers, the health care system and their diverse clients’ needs.

Our revolutionized approach integrates a project management system backed by a collaborative organization. The result is that our process mirrors your business schedule providing the right information at the right time to drive decision-making.

HORAN becomes a part of our culture and your team. We are there to support your program, celebrate your achievements and participate in your events.