Health Care Reform & Compliance

HORAN delivers peace of mind that can only come from understanding the complex health care regulations and knowing that you are following the rules.

HORAN’s specialized and nimble team of health care compliance experts, on-site legislative advisors and account management resources are available to readily assess, solve and support.

Clients receive the right guidance from expert partners you know by name, plus the reassurance of having the right compliance plans in place with constant communication to keep you up-to-date and on track.

HORAN provides:

  • Continuous education programs with practical insight and tips
  • Turnkey solutions that are fast and effective with all necessary templates
  • Deep expertise on current legislation, requirements, vendors and pricing
  • Simple and useful updates including newsletters, “heads up” emails and helpful reminders
  • Face-to-face comprehensive reviews delivered not just by our compliance teams, but our other HORAN expert as well
  • Provides checklists and conducts interviews to comprehensively measure your end-to-end compliance process.
  • Customized and prioritized timeliness for all compliance activities
  • Array of toolkits for your employees, including FAQs, videos, brochures and other helpful explanations to ensure they have access to compliance knowledge that impacts their situation.

HORAN Health Care Compliance Blog - Keeping You Up-To-Date and On-Track with Health Benefits Compliance

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"In today’s world, with all of the turmoil and uncertainty in the health benefits environment, people are worried, confused and concerned about what will happen in the future. We work with the HORAN team to try to understand it. Until there is more certainty we are going to do our best to deliver certainty to our employees. HORAN has done a very good job of helping us make it through and plan accordingly."

Michael O’Brien, President & COO at ProScan Imaging.