Health Management

HORAN is an expert and pioneer in the rapidly emerging area of Health Management. We provide best practices and years of experience in designing and implementing wellness programs that deliver long-term results for your company.

We are your wellness consultants – providing exceptional knowledge, training and support for your company’s journey to better health. As a result, you are able to take control of shaping your culture by increasing employee productivity and overall population health while stabilizing costs over time.

HORAN saw a need to expand wellness initiatives based on market research, experience with clients and practical application with our own health plan. To respond, we developed the HORAN Health Management Way™. This process and platform helps guide our clients through the planning and implementation of a wellness program.

We expanded the HORAN Health Management Way by adding dedicated, expert resources. Their sole focus is to consult with clients on wellness programs.

The HORAN Health Management Way leverages best practices, capitalizes on market expertise and utilizes client data to create a unique
wellness program for your company. We have created programs for more than 70 companies. We share this knowledge with all of our 
clients through strategies, scorecards and tools to maximize the effort.

The HORAN approach begins working with clients at their current state of wellness to ensure success. The HORAN Health Management Continuum allows us to lead clients on a path to stabilize or improve medical cost and eventually achieve a best in class wellness program.

The HORAN Health Management Way is a pioneering program at the forefront of this fast-changing field. We provide an extensive matrix of quantitative and qualitative data as well as an assessment of leading and emerging vendors to help you navigate this constantly changing environment.

We know what it takes to succeed based on our own success. We have embraced Health Management, taking this wellness journey ourselves – making the investment, working the plan and experiencing results. We have achieved numerous “Healthiest Employer” awards including recognition as one of 2015’s Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America and a 2015 Healthy Workplace Silver Award winner.

Key Learnings of the HORAN Health Management Way

It is hard to get started.
We know the hardest part for most employers is just getting started. The key is having support, both cultural and financial, from senior management who can make it happen.

It’s never too late to start.
Based on culture, readiness, resources, motivation and other factors, each employer is in their own unique place in terms of wellness. The HORAN Health Management Way outlines four key segments to help clients identify where they are on a continuum. HORAN utilizes this data to develop a plan of action to improve the health of employees and positively impact health care costs.

One-time events don’t work.
Though usually well-intended, sporadic executions of wellness activities have only a short term impact, if any at all. No matter the scope of resources and budget, it is important to create an integrated plan that is consistent. Metrics are key.

Measures need to be in place and consistently reviewed. The only way to gauge progress is to measure results, by sophisticated measures linked to claims and productivity data, benchmark data from surveys or participation data.

HORAN is prepared to help you promote and create a healthy culture for your workforce. If your goal is to increase employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, increase retention or improve employee morale, HORAN can be your partner in the journey.