Captive Insurance Company

Through HORAN, successful business owners now can enjoy running their own insurance companies.

Setting up a captive insurance company allows business owners to protect business and personal assets through affordable and proven risk transfer techniques. Captive insurance companies are able to write insurance policies that reflect a company’s specific risk. Establishing a captive insurance company addresses the fact that an insured’s need for coverage does not always line up with the terms of the current insurance policy.

Although there are many types of captive insurance companies, many employers focus on the Small Captive. Properly structured, the shareholders of the captive insurance company can be in addition to the business owner, key employees or members of the family. Each scenario is customized to fit the business and financial needs of the ownership.

Complete turnkey approaches, including reinsurance pools when needed, are available to minimize start-up and operating costs as well as guide the novice insurance company CEO through all of the requirements.