HORAN has created the Southwest Ohio Organization of School Health (SWOOSH), a new health consortium for area school districts. The consortium, currently comprised of seven districts, will create cost stability, achieve value from scale and also allow the districts to shape where they want their medical benefits to go in the future.

The objective of the SWOOSH consortium is to maximize benefits and/or reduce costs of medical, prescription drug, vision, dental, life and/or other group insurance coverage. While the consortium serves short-term savings needs, in the long term it will promote rate stability and allow the districts to move to a healthier place using wellness.

Working together to purchase group insurance allows the districts to pool their members. With more members on the plan, the consortium can leverage the larger scale of the entire group and work toward obtaining the most competitive rates while securing unique wellness offers and additional investments to better manage long term costs.

"Joining SWOOSH gives our district a better chance of reducing our health care costs over time", according to Greg Hester, Director of Human Resources, Northwest Local School District and Board President of SWOOSH.

Faced with health insurance increases of between 12 percent and 14 percent, the SWOOSH consortium was able to save an overall $4.6 million for it’s 2,700 covered employees. SWOOSH will also provide the districts with health scorecards and a dedicated wellness nurse who will serve as an employee advocate.

SWOOSH is governed by a Board of Directors that includes the Superintendent or a designee from each district. The seven districts involved in the program include Indian Hill Exempted Village School District, Lebanon City School District, Milford Exempted Village School District, Northwest Local School District, Southwest Local School District, Winton Woods City School District and Forest Hills Local School District.

For more information on SWOOSH, visit or contact Doug Miller at HORAN, or 513.745.0707.