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Pharmacy Benefit Management

In 1995, prescription drugs represented 6% of national health expenditures, by 2025, it is expected to represent 40%. The number is staggering.  

HORAN is hosting a series of webinars and a live event to help you navigate these mounting costs and the impact they have on your health plan. 

The series covers the following topics:
• Basics of Pharmacy Benefits with a Health Plan
• Speaking the Language – Terms to Know
• The Role of a Prescription Benefit Manager, Money Flow & Pricing
• Best Practice Strategies to Contain Costs
• Finding the Right PBM Partner
• What Makes Up a Strong PBM Contract

PBM 101: Laying the Foundation 

PBM 201: Pricing, Profits & Potential Carve Out 


PBM 301: Cost Containment & Contract Language