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Pharmacy Benefit Management

In 1995, prescription drugs represented 6% of national health expenditures, by 2025, it is expected to represent 40%. The number is staggering.

Given the mounting costs and complexity, HORAN wants all of its clients to become pharmacy experts. To do this we’ve developed “The Pharmacy Series” which consists of five learning modules that cover the basics of pharmacy benefits, best practice strategies to contain costs, components of a strong PBM contract and how to find the right PBM partner.

To access the first three modules, copy and paste the following links into your Google Chrome Browser.

  • Module 1 - The Basics of Pharmacy Benefits: This module discusses PBM key players, terms to know & cost containment strategies. Link to access is
  • Module 2 - Current vs. Future Trends: This module discusses pharmacogenomics, outcome-based contracts & biosimilars. Link to access is
  • Module 3 - Components of a Strong PBM Contract: This module discusses how to navigate rebates, guarantees & contract language. Link to access is
  • Module 4 - Coming on November 20
  • Module 5 - Coming on December 4

Each module ends with a secret code. View all five modules and send in all five secret codes to Martina Gieske at by December 11 to receive your HORAN honorary PBM certification and be entered to win 1 of 5 YETI Prize Packs!

PBM 101: Laying the Foundation 

PBM 201: Pricing, Profits & Potential Carve Out 


PBM 301: Cost Containment & Contract Language