Cancer Care

Cancer Concerns Don’t Stop at the Doctor’s Door – Neither Should Your Insurance

The estimated costs of cancer topped an estimated $263.8 billion in 2010. About two-thirds of these costs were for nonmedical expenses that aren’t usually covered by major medical policy, according to the American Cancer Society.

HORAN offers, through Washington National, a helpful solution with personalized support. The Washington National Solutions? Cancer offers:

  • More coverage for cancer-related costs.
  • Anytime support, advice and answers through Health Advocate™.
  • An annual wellness benefit for cancer screenings and tests.
  • Benefits for natural treatments, like acupuncture and massage.
  • A return of some or all of your paid premiums.

Example benefits available throughout the cancer life cycle include:

Preventative care - With proper preventative care, you increase your odds of a healthy cancer-free future.

  • Cancer screening wellness benefit
  • Additional screening and treatment benefit

Initial Diagnosis - According to the American Cancer Society, about half of men and a third of women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

  • First occurrence benefit
  • Skin cancer diagnosis benefit

Treatment - Treatment represents the largest portion of medical and nonmedical costs for cancer.

  • Indemnity benefits

Follow-up Care - Modern cancer treatment and follow-up care can last for years, and often are necessary to reduce the chance of recurrence.

  • Annual care benefit and follow-up treatment
  • Cancer Death Benefit rider

Source: Washington National