Key Person Disability Insurance

Key Person Disability Insurance is custom-designed to protect the business in the event that a key employee suffers a disabling accident, injury or illness. It provides peace of mind to companies and business owners to know they can continue operations without disruption if a top salesperson, executive or key employee is disabled.

The Statistics:

  • More than 30 million Americans between the ages of 21 and 64 are disabled. An additional 21 million over the age of 65 are disabled.
  • Every second another disabling injury occurs in the U.S. Every 4 minutes, the injury is fatal.
  • Almost one-third of Americans entering the work force today (3 in 10) will become disabled before they retire.

Should a Founder/Partner become disabled, there would be a significant, negative financial impact to your firm and its partners. Most organizations typically insure against the premature death of their key people, however statistically, an individual is three times more likely to become disabled than die.

A Key Person Disability contract from HORAN can provide a sizeable lump sum benefit to your firm in the event that a Founder/Partner suffers a disability lasting longer than 12 months. This benefit will assist in the transition period and can offset any revenue lost due to client departure.

Key Person Disability Insurance Brochure