Estate Planning

You want to make the most of the assets you pass along to your children and grandchildren. That’s why it’s important to know how you can protect your legacy and prepare.

Think About Your Family’s Future.

You have financial goals for your life, and you want to conserve and distribute wealth to meet those goals effectively. In short, you want proper estate planning, a goal-oriented plan that keeps taxes to a minimum to provide the greatest possible financial security for you and your beneficiaries. HORAN can help you maximize the planning opportunities still available to proactively manage your wealth planning strategies, and to learn what can be done to avoid or reduce some of the burden of these increased taxes.

Don’t Underestimate Your Net Worth

Chances are estate tax laws and the value of your estate assets will continue to change. Take a minute and add up the value of your investments, corporate retirement savings plan, insurance policies and home value. As your investments and real estate holdings potentially appreciate over time, will your children or grandchildren be adversely affected by the estate’s large tax bill? You can take steps today to protect them tomorrow.

It’s Time to Get Ready.

Make plans for your family’s future. A HORAN advisor is available to talk with you about a life insurance strategy that could help you:

  • Protect growing estate assets
  • Pass along more to children and grandchildren
  • Accumulate tax-deferred wealth
  • Potentially maintain access to assets for you and your spouse

Don’t Do Estate Planning by Default

Every estate is planned. However, some estates are planned by default—by inaction, some people allow their estate plan to be dictated by the federal and state governments. Do not let this happen to your estate.

The experts at HORAN can teach you to create a thoughtful plan to significantly increase benefits and reduce costs when transferring wealth to heirs.