Long Term Care Insurance

It is difficult to anticipate and plan for long term care needs, because so many factors are involved in the decision-making, such as:

  • Uncertainty about long term living arrangements as physical capabilities decline.
  • Inability, or unwillingness, of family members to provide periodic or ongoing support when the time comes.
  • Misinformation about long term care options or services available through health programs and Medicare.
  • Difficulty in juggling financial and family priorities, when planning for long term care.

The financial implications of a chronic disease or other debilitating condition that requires long term care are great. Costs are expected to triple over the next two decades. There are solutions to the long term care dilemma, and we can help you find the right solution.

Long term Care Brochure

Critical Illness Insurance

Many individuals experience financial hardship as a result of expenses for critical illness that health and/or disability insurance doesn’t cover.

Critical illness insurance helps alleviate the financial burden a major illness can create.