HORAN Introduces Health Care Reform Impact Analysis Modeling Tool

Cincinnati, OH, October 24, 2012– HORAN, a leading advisor in employee benefits and financial services, today announced the launch of an actuarial tool that models different plan scenarios to help clients navigate through the potential impact of health care reform. The outcomes HORAN can model include offering a plan at the minimum allowable benefit (60% actuarial value), terminating the plan and maintaining current benefits.

HORAN recognizes each client faces a unique set of circumstances which may affect how they offer health coverage to their employees. According to Valerie Bogdan Powers, Vice President of Group Operations at HORAN, “Many of our large employer clients (those with over 50 full-time employees including full-time equivalents) under the law are concerned about the employer shared responsibility provisions and the exposure their organization may have to penalties and increasing enrollment in 2014. Our role is to ensure our clients are prepared and have thought strategically about all their options. This tool is a key piece in the planning.”

HORAN can provide answers to employer’s questions:

• What will it cost to continue your current plan in 2014?

• What will it cost to terminate your current plan in 2014?

• What does a minimum value plan look like?

“HORAN’s Health Care Reform Impact Analysis is a step above the competition - it does more than calculate penalties for failure to offer coverage or failure to offer quality and affordable health care,” Bogdan Powers added. “Our analysis goes further allowing employers to evaluate more than the minimum. We can provide scenarios that show the entire picture. We also have the ability to allow employers to compare the effects of sharing savings back with employees in the event of plan termination. The flexibility in our model and ability to assess multiple scenarios allows us to assist in developing the best possible strategy for our clients moving forward.”

As the landscape continues to shift due to the Health Care Reform legislation, HORAN proactively will guide our clients to the best possible solution for their situation. Knowing in advance the changes needed over next several years helps clients plan and implement in a way that addresses financial concerns and provides the time to be strategic in their benefits planning and communicate effectively with their employees.

HORAN has a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to advising employers on all aspects of health care reform. HORAN is offering intensive decision-making support to employers based on the size of their company and has in-depth expertise with employers of all sizes - small businesses (under 50 employees), midsize businesses (50-100 employees) and large employers (more than 100 employees).

HORAN will continue to offer educational resources on Health Care Reform including publications, compliance alerts, webinars and seminars to provide further guidance to clients.