HORAN’s Dan Cahill Presented at Ohio Health Action Annual Conference

COLUMBUS, OH (January 20, 2016) – Dan Cahill, PhD, Vice President and Kentucky Market Leader, presented at the Ohio Health Action Annual Conference. The conference was held in Columbus from January 19-20. 

The Health Action Council Ohio is a voice for purchasers that offer health benefits to employees, dependents and retirees. It provides value to members by facilitating common projects to improve the quality and moderate the cost of health care members purchase by administering programs, providing forums, and collecting information and sharing data to inform our membership and their advisors.

Dan’s presentation was titled “Private Exchanges: Unbiased Insights for Potential Buyers.” In his presentation, Dan explained how employers are seeking unbiased analysis and critique of private health care exchange models and vendors. He offered an insider’s perspective about how the different exchanges operate, partnerships, implementation issues and overall success based on personal experience building one of the exchanges now offered in the marketplace. Dan also offered a buyer’s insight to evaluate the pros and cons of various models.

“The attendees appreciated my sharing of impartial views on the various options for people making health care exchange models and vendors,” said Dan. “HORAN offers consultancy services and not specific products, which makes us a good impartial source for information.”