HORAN’s Karen Mueller Presents at “Workplace Benefits MANIA” Conference

Karen Mueller, Executive Vice President at HORAN, presented at the Executive Benefits Adviser “Workplace Benefits MANIA” conference in Las Vegas. The session, “Closing the Health Literacy and Engagement Gap through Innovative Gamification Strategies”, was presented by Karen and Thomas Chamberlain, Founder and CEO of EdLogics.

They shared how low health literacy is one of the most widespread barriers to achieving better health outcomes and is a major driver of escalating healthcare costs. When employees understand their health and are engaged in their care, clinical and financial outcomes improve.

Through game-based learning, multimedia educational strategies, gamification and rewards for educational achievement, employers can transform the way employees learn about health and empower them to become better healthcare decision-makers and more active participants in their healthcare.

Dr. Chamberlain led a discussion on how innovative employers are developing fun, engaging and highly effective educational initiatives that motivate employees to learn about their health and increase their participation in population health initiatives.

The speakers described how specific engagement strategies (daily questions, monthly challenges, leaderboards, badges, quizzes, personalized education recommendations, etc.) are being used to change behavior, create a fun and healthy workplace environment, and improve health outcomes.

The conference was developed from the combined resources of Employee Benefit Adviser and the Workplace Benefits Association to share the latest strategic approaches, tools and technologies to grow their practice.

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