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2018 IRS Limits: Hot off the Press

 October 19 2017
Hours ago, the IRS published the 2018 indexed dollar limits for qualified retirement plans.  Please see the table below for these important updates or click here to download the pdf.   In order to better understand what these changes mean and how they can positively impact your and your employees' retirement savings, contact your HORAN Retirement Advisors team at 5...

Richard Thaler Wins Nobel Prize for Economics

 October 12 2017
Your plan may use automatic enrollment and increases to help your employees prepare for retirement, but did you know that you have a Nobel Prize winner to thank for this feature? Richard Thaler is a behavioral economist who is the latest Prize winner for economics.  Read more on Thaler here.

The Hated Rally Continues

 October 5 2017
HORAN Capital Advisors has released its Fall 2017 Investor Letter.  As Chuck Prince, former chairman and CEO of Citigroup, said almost a decade ago,  "As long as the music is playing, you got to dance." This seems to be one of those markets where the music just doesn't seem to stop and just maybe has resulted in one of the most hated equity market rallies in some time. For additional in...

NAPA Announces HORAN as Top DC Advisor Firms

 September 26 2017
The National Association of Plan Advisors has published its first-ever list of top 250 defined contribution (DC) Advisor Firms and HORAN Retirement Advisors makes the list at #116. The NAPA Top DC Advisor Firms is a compilation of leading individual advisor firms, or teams, ranked by DC assets under advisement. “HORAN Retirement Advisors is dedicated to providing exemplary service to emplo...

Equifax Breach

 September 18 2017
On September 11, Equifax made known that personal data of nearly half of the U.S. population was compromised this summer. The data breach gave thieves access to the identities (names, Social Security Numbers, addresses and dates of birth) of approximately 143 million Americans. Those affected are at increased risk for identity theft and fraud.  You can check if you are potentially impacted...

IRS Relief for Hurricane Irma Victims

 September 15 2017
The Internal Revenue Service is allowing victims of Hurricane Irma to tap their 401(k) savings if they need cash. The relief applies to plan participants or family members helping those in the affected area. View details in the CNCB article. The HORAN Retirement Advisors team is committed to helping plan participants reach their financial goals. Please contact us with any questions you may have...

HORAN Retirement Advisors Strengthens Team To Support Clients

 September 6 2017
  Today HORAN announced the restructuring of its HORAN Retirement Advisors team to support continued growth and enhance client engagement. Over 250,000 individuals depend on HORAN for their health, wealth and life needs, collectively. HORAN is the third-largest employee benefit firm in the region and the 20th largest money management firm based on more than $1.8 billion in financial assets ...

Find Money To Save

 September 1 2017
The US Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that the personal savings rate in the United States is 3.8%. The personal savings rate includes all types of savings – retirement, emergency expenses, and rainy days. If there is no pay increase on the horizon, is it possible to improve that savings rate?  Yes, it is. Learn 25 ways to save money without making more. At HORAN Retirement...

Understanding Mutual Funds

 August 25 2017
While the “alphabet soup” of mutual fund names may be confusing, it’s important to understand the basics of mutual fund share classes. Mutual funds’ fee structures differ based on the fund’s asset class even though the same fund always invests in the same asset-class mix with the same underlining securities. Of course, not all fund share classes are available depend...

You Are A Fiduciary

 August 17 2017
A survey conducted by J.P. Morgan found that many company executives overseeing their company’s retirement plan do not realize that they are fiduciaries. Click here to review the survey. HORAN Retirement Advisors acts as a co-fiduciary, sharing your fiduciary responsibility and liability. Did you know that not all firms are willing to act as a co-fiduciary on your behalf?Your HORAN Retireme...
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