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Investor Letter Spring 2019

 April 10 2019
Stocks bounced back in the first quarter with the best quarterly start for the S&P 500 Index since 2009, up 13.5%, after a weak showing at the end of last year. We have said in the past that strength tends to beget more strength. There have been ten other times since 1950 where the S&P 500 Index was up greater than 10% in the first quarter. In 9 out of 10 of those periods, the final three ...

Do you have an effective investment menu strategy?

 April 1 2019
Do you have an effective investment menu strategy? Click here to watch a short video and learn three of HORAN's best practices that include the basics of investing, investment policy statement and a guide to developing an investment menu strategy.      Horan Securities, Inc. is a Registered Broker/Dealer and a Registered Investment Advisor, member FINRA/SIPC. Horan Securities, ...

Q1 2019 - Upcoming Compliance Deadlines and Important Dates

 January 24 2019
February 28 – Deadline for filing 1099-R in paper form with IRS to report distributions made in 2018 (or by March 31 if filing electronically). March 15 – Deadline for processing corrective distributions for failed ADP or ACP tests without incurring 10% excise tax. March 15 – Deadline for filing corporate tax returns and contribution deadline for deductibility (without ...

Q4 2018 - Upcoming Compliance Deadlines and Important Dates

 November 19 2018
December 1 – Latest date for providing a 401(k) safe-harbor, QACA safe-harbor, QDIA, EACA or ACA notice.  December 1 - Process deminimus cash outs.  December 1 - Process forfeiture assets per the plan document.  December 15 – Extended deadline for distributing Summary Annual report (SAR) to participants if 5558 was filed.  December 31 – Dea...

Planning for Retirement

 November 2 2018
Conventional wisdom says that many expenses go down in retirement – like commuting, eating lunch out, and work clothing. But what expenses are likely to increase in retirement? Click here to learn more.

2019 IRS Limits

 November 1 2018
The IRS published the 2019 indexed dollar limits for qualified retirement plans. Here is a summary of this important update. 

Will Middle Class Workers Sink Their Retirement?

 August 27 2018
The Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School estimates that roughly 40 percent of Americans, or two out of every five who are currently considered middle-class based on their income, will fall into poverty or near poverty by the time they reach 65. Click here to read the article.

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

 August 9 2018
Determining how much savings you’ll need to last in retirement can be a challenge. Research shows that many retirees say their overall cost estimates turned out be low. MSN Money provides tips help you make more informed calculations while you still have time to adjust your savings. Click here to read the article.

Q3 2018 - Upcoming Compliance Deadlines and Important Dates

 August 9 2018
Early August – Second quarter 2018 investment performance available for review. August 14 – Deadline for providing Second Quarter individual benefit statements to participants in participant-directed plans. The quarterly fee disclosure due under the participant fee disclosure rule is also due on this date and can be included in the statement.  September 15 – Extend...

Investments: Q2 2018 in Review

 August 9 2018
Q2 2018 in Review - Market Summary through June 30, 2018  U.S. Equity (S&P500): 3.9% Q2, 2018, 3.2% YTD  International Equity (MSCI EAFE): -2.6% Q2, 2018, -3.8 % YTD  U.S. Fixed Income (BC Aggregate): -0.2% Q2 2018, -1.6% YTD  US stock market ended the second quarter up 3.9% which is near the gain for the year through and soared in Jan...
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