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Target Date Funds & Managed Funds: Key Differences

 December 14 2017
Target Date Funds (TDFs) and managed funds are two types of investment vehicles offered in many retirement plans. They both use asset allocation to balance risk and return, but there are key differences in how they achieve their objectives.  Click here to read the article published by CNN Money for an explanation and reasons why you may prefer one type over the other. More questions about T...

How Americans Use Their 401(k)s

 December 7 2017
As a plan sponsor, you are likely familiar with how your employees are using their 401(k) accounts. But how do your participants differ from other Americans? Click here to read on for some interesting statistics gleaned from the four million participant accounts held at one large recordkeeper. Contact HORAN Retirement Advisors at 513.745.0707 with any questions you may have about plan design, inv...

Delay of Fiduciary Rule Approved

 November 30 2017
The Fiduciary Rule is in the news again. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved the Department of Labor’s proposal to extend the applicability date for the remaining portions of the Fiduciary Rule until July 1, 2019.  Read this article to learn more. HORAN Retirement Advisors partners with you to help navigate your fiduciary responsibilities. Contact us at 513.745.0707...

Are Gen Xers repeating previous generation’s mistakes?

 November 21 2017
According to a recent survey, 44% of Gen Xers regret spending money on things they didn’t need and 22% regret accumulating debt, which echoes the answers that Baby Boomers gave in the same survey. Furthermore, nearly one-fifth of Gen Xers are supporting their parents, while 71% of them are still supporting their children. No wonder 77% report concern about outliving their retirement savings!...

Guidance Regarding RMDs and Missing Participants

 November 17 2017
With the year-end right around the corner, Required Minimum Distributions are often on a plan sponsor’s mind. But what to do when a long-gone employee needs an RMD and can’t be located? A recent IRS memo clarifies the process for a “good faith” effort in tracking down plan participants. Click here to read the article.  As always, if you have any questions about the o...

How Do You Feel About Your Financial Wellbeing?

 November 9 2017
While the majority of Americans stated in a survey that they feel good about their financial health, only 6% of those same survey respondents passed an 11-question financial literacy quiz. Click here to see questions and results from the quiz, and test yourself. No matter what your current level of financial literacy is, HORAN Retirement Advisors are here for you. Call us at 513.745.0707 and let ...

HORAN’s Anna Pfaehler Receives 2017 Millennial Advisor Award

 November 2 2017
Ten of the brightest young minds in financial services from across the nation were awarded the 2017 Millennial Advisor Award by The American College of Financial Services. HORAN is proud to announce Anna Pfaehler, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning at HORAN, was named among these ten professionals. Leaders in the industry under the age of 35 were each nominated for the award by a p...

Traditional vs. Roth 401(k): What You Need to Know

 October 26 2017
Many 401(k) plans now offer both traditional (pre-tax) and Roth (after-tax) contribution options. Which option is right for you? Two members of the American Institute of CPAs weigh in on factors that may affect your decision. Click here to read more. Need further clarification? Your HORAN Retirement Advisors can help. Contact us at 513.745.0707. 

2018 IRS Limits: Hot off the Press

 October 19 2017
Hours ago, the IRS published the 2018 indexed dollar limits for qualified retirement plans.  Please see the table below for these important updates or click here to download the pdf.   In order to better understand what these changes mean and how they can positively impact your and your employees' retirement savings, contact your HORAN Retirement Advisors team at 5...

Richard Thaler Wins Nobel Prize for Economics

 October 12 2017
Your plan may use automatic enrollment and increases to help your employees prepare for retirement, but did you know that you have a Nobel Prize winner to thank for this feature? Richard Thaler is a behavioral economist who is the latest Prize winner for economics.  Read more on Thaler here.
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