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EBSA Restores Over $1.1 Billion to Employee Benefit Plans, Participants and Beneficiaries

 February 2 2018
The Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) – which is part of the Department of Labor – has just released facts and figures for their fiscal year ending September 30, 2017. The amount of monies recovered on behalf of plans, participants, and beneficiaries increased substantially over the previous fiscal year.  Click here to read the three-page summary of the department&r...

Benchmarking Is Key For Employers

 January 22 2018
Benchmarking – both internal and external – can help plan sponsors ensure the health of their retirement plan. The Retirement Times suggests strategies and areas of focus for benchmarking. Click here to read more. Contact HORAN Retirement Advisors today to help benchmark your plan. Call 513.745.0707 with any questions you may have.

Start A Financial Holiday

 January 12 2018
New year, new you! It’s time to make some personal financial wellness resolutions. How about starting with a financial holiday – a day set aside to put your personal finances in order.  Read the Forbes article for ways to make the most of your time. Your HORAN Retirement Advisors team is here to help put you and your employees on the path to good financial health. Contact us at ...

New Year Resolutions

 January 4 2018
The beginning of a new year often leads to a desire to make improvements, and your retirement plan should be no exception. The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) suggests three resolutions for plan sponsors to make this year. Read the article here and remember that HORAN Retirement Advisors is here to help you navigate your fiduciary responsibilities. Contact us today at 513.745.07...

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

 December 22 2017
The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has pushed year-end tax planning to literally the last week of the year. The window to act is brief, but there are still opportunities for tax planning available before year-end.  One of the widest-reaching changes is an increased standard deduction coupled with an elimination of personal exemptions. Beginning in 2018, the standard deduction ...

Target Date Funds & Managed Funds: Key Differences

 December 14 2017
Target Date Funds (TDFs) and managed funds are two types of investment vehicles offered in many retirement plans. They both use asset allocation to balance risk and return, but there are key differences in how they achieve their objectives.  Click here to read the article published by CNN Money for an explanation and reasons why you may prefer one type over the other. More questions about T...

How Americans Use Their 401(k)s

 December 7 2017
As a plan sponsor, you are likely familiar with how your employees are using their 401(k) accounts. But how do your participants differ from other Americans? Click here to read on for some interesting statistics gleaned from the four million participant accounts held at one large recordkeeper. Contact HORAN Retirement Advisors at 513.745.0707 with any questions you may have about plan design, inv...

Delay of Fiduciary Rule Approved

 November 30 2017
The Fiduciary Rule is in the news again. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved the Department of Labor’s proposal to extend the applicability date for the remaining portions of the Fiduciary Rule until July 1, 2019.  Read this article to learn more. HORAN Retirement Advisors partners with you to help navigate your fiduciary responsibilities. Contact us at 513.745.0707...

Are Gen Xers repeating previous generation’s mistakes?

 November 21 2017
According to a recent survey, 44% of Gen Xers regret spending money on things they didn’t need and 22% regret accumulating debt, which echoes the answers that Baby Boomers gave in the same survey. Furthermore, nearly one-fifth of Gen Xers are supporting their parents, while 71% of them are still supporting their children. No wonder 77% report concern about outliving their retirement savings!...

Guidance Regarding RMDs and Missing Participants

 November 17 2017
With the year-end right around the corner, Required Minimum Distributions are often on a plan sponsor’s mind. But what to do when a long-gone employee needs an RMD and can’t be located? A recent IRS memo clarifies the process for a “good faith” effort in tracking down plan participants. Click here to read the article.  As always, if you have any questions about the o...
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