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Intra-Family Loans

 February 8 2017
Borrowing from Mom and Dad after a certain age can make you bristle if you’re otherwise independent and accustomed to supporting yourself. However, it can make solid financial sense for both parties in certain cases.

Millennials, Coffee and Compound Interest

 January 30 2017
I have a confession – I am a millennial. I like participation awards. I value experiences more than things. And I have a deep love for coffee. Anyone who has ever heard me talk about budgeting knows my “fun money” goes to Starbucks and my husband’s goes to craft beer (he’s also a millennial). A recent survey from Acorns, a microinvesting app that saves spare chan...

A New Administration in Washington: How Will Trump’s Policies Affect Taxes, Investments and the Markets?

 January 27 2017
Today is a historic day. Early this afternoon the 45th president of the United States was sworn into office. No matter your political stance and beliefs, it's undeniable that this unique and peaceful transfer of power every four years demonstrates the beauty and the grace of our democracy. 

HORAN Creates New Executive Leadership Positions To Support Rapid Growth & Expansion

 January 17 2017
Today HORAN announced the creation of two new senior level positions to support rapid growth and expansion. Valerie Bogdan-Powers was promoted to Chief Business Development & Client Relations Officer for HORAN’s Health Benefits Department and Keith Cheesman was appointed to Chief Operating Officer for HORAN Securities. Both positions will support the firm’s accelerated growth and m...

HORAN Releases 2017 Tax Guide

 January 1 2017
HORAN publishes an annual Tax Guide to serve as a reference tool for key tax items. We hope this will be a useful resource for you throughout the new year. If you would like us to mail laminated copies for you or your colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact your HORAN advisor and we will be happy to mail you hard copies.

What Fiduciaries Can Learn from the LaMettry’s Collision, Inc. Case

 December 7 2016
Debbie Damberg and Tony Severson, two of 114 participants in the LaMettry 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan, filed a class action lawsuit against LaMettry’s Collision in May 2016. What made the 401(k) industry take notice? The plan’s investment value totaled less than $10 million. Historically, similar class action lawsuits have been considerably larger in asset market value.

Bonfiglioli USA Partners with HORAN Retirement Advisors to Improve Employee Retirement Readiness

 December 7 2016
Bonfiglioli USA, the Kentucky-based subsidiary of Bonfiglioli Group, and a global leader in supplying cutting-edge utilityscale power conversion system solutions, has achieved incredible growth. The company’s profits skyrocketed from $3 million in 2002 to $142 million in 2015. In order to attract and obtain employee talent, Bonfiglioli USA works to make its employee benefits affordable and p...

HORAN’s New Tool Guides Employees Through Financial Stages of Life

 December 7 2016
Knowledge is power. No matter where your employees are in life, the more they know about handling their finances, the better chance they have of reaching their goals. Education is crucial to investment and retirement planning. HORAN Retirement Advisors meet one-on-one with employees to offer investment education and guidance. The HORAN Retirement Advisor education strategy ensures employees have t...

Turning Retirement Savings into Retirement Income

 December 7 2016
You’ve saved years for retirement. Once you reach retirement, how do you create a stream of income from your savings to meet your needs? Every income strategy is unique, but each must address one common risk: longevity—the risk of outliving your assets or spending too much too fast. Additionally, there is a risk of leaving substantial assets untapped at death, or, said differently, th...

How the DOL Uses Form 5500 to Target Your Plan for Audit

 December 6 2016
Twenty-five years ago a team of U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) field personnel (mostly auditors or investigators) would travel twice a year to their respective Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warehouses. Their goal was to review the latest Form 5500 filings and bring back a potential case load for the entire office for the next six months.
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