HORAN provides personalized solutions to grow, protect and transfer wealth. Our team of experts provides ongoing guidance, insights and investment monitoring with complete objectivity. Our diverse clientele include employers of all sizes and industries, institutions, not-for-profits and individual investors across the country.

For over 50 years, we have provided and advised on variable annuity solutions, mutual funds, index funds and individual portfolios for our clients’ retirement needs. 

We have accumulated hundreds of millions in retirement accounts for individuals, and better yet, advised on the disbursement of additional hundreds of millions to meet retirement income planning goals. 

Our growth in this area is a result of listening and responding to the needs of our clients. We remain independent and objective so that we can always focus on the best interest of our clients.

We understand that there are many reasons to accumulate wealth for the future. HORAN Wealth Management advisors never forget it's about more than your wealth, it's about your life.


For more detailed information regarding our client relationships, fees, and other pertinent matters, please click here for a copy of our Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS).

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HORAN Retirement
HORAN Retirement<br />Advisors
Providing corporate retirement plan counsel for employers of all sizes.
HORAN<br />Wealth
Offering customized investment platforms, mutual funds and ETFs for individuals with $250,000+ in investable assets.
HORAN Capital
HORAN Capital<br />Advisors
Offering customized equities and investments for individuals and institutions with $1 million+ in investable assets.