HORAN Capital Advisors

Employee Education

Your retirement plan is one of the most valuable benefits offered to employees and we want to ensure it can be used to not only recruit new talent, but to retain existing personnel. To do that, your retirement plan must be understood and used by employees.

We understand that typical retirement plans, like 401(k), are often confusing and somewhat intimidating to employees. HORAN understands that and has developed a process. The process includes group employee meetings, targeted communications, a variety of communication tools and, most effectively, one-on-one employee meetings to review their specific situation.

Education is crucial to investment and retirement plan consulting. As Registered Investment Advisors, our experts meet one-on-one with your employees to offer investment advice and guidance. HORAN’s education strategy ensures employees have the information needed to plan a successful retirement.

The HORAN Financial Resource Center

In an effort to get every individual on the right path to achieve Total Financial Wellness, HORAN Retirement Advisors offers a self-service, online tool for our clients and their employees. The HORAN Financial Resource Center is an educational, interactive tool that guides an individual through the stages of his or her financial life. Sample topics include budgeting, borrowing money, college planning, Social Security, Medicare, Estate Planning and Tax Planning. There is a printed Financial Planning guidebook for employees to accompany the online resource center.

Click here to visit the HORAN Financial Resource Center.