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Employee Education

We understand that many employers want to use their retirement plan as an effective tool for recruiting and retaining top talent. For others, the goal is a financially healthy workforce that feels confident in their retirement readiness, resulting in less stress, improved productivity and lower health care costs.

In both cases employee engagement is critical to the success of your retirement plan. We educate your employees on the importance of retirement readiness and investing in the company’s plan regardless of age or income. We will meet with your employees in group settings and one-on-one to help them understand the value of your plan, identify their individual retirement goals and determine how to achieve success.

HRA will help you and your employees create and foster more productive and abundant futures through financial wellness. Group and one-on-one consultation is an important step to achieving this goal. As a result, we provide the following:

Detailed Assessment and Customized Solutions – Consulting with you and your plan provider to determine your employees’ unique needs and design customized solutions.

Track and Measure Effectiveness – Conducting client satisfaction surveys to specifically measure education effectiveness and service quality.

Overall Financial Wellness Education – Going beyond retirement readiness to address comprehensive financial education needs, promoting greater employee understanding and ultimately leading to retirement readiness.

Multi-faceted Approach – HRA provides a portfolio of educational tools, including access to The HORAN Financial Resource Center, which guides individuals through the stages of his or her financial life to support retirement planning.


HORAN Retirement Advisors In Action

The case study below illustrates HORAN Retirement Advisors’ commitment to delivering great outcomes for its clients. We believe that employee engagement is important to develop a financially healthy workforce. 

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