Value of an Advisor

Value of HORAN Retirement Plan Consulting

HORAN brings a century of combined retirement planning experience, helping you achieve your long-term strategic goals and engineering a better future for your business and your employees. Our experience and industry knowledge will help you maximize your benefit dollars.

Top 12 Reason to Choose HORAN Retirement Plan Consulting:

1. Experience reflecting a true specialty in retirement plan consulting.

2. The ability to design a plan that maximizes your benefit dollars and saves you money.

3. The capability of evaluating funds and service providers objectively - independent of your service provider.

4. Willingness to serve as a co-fiduciary by acknowledge this status in writing – and as it relates to the selection and monitoring of investments.

5. ERISA expertise to ensure plan compliance and to keep the committee updated on litigation, legislation and regulations impacting plans and fiduciaries.

6. Plan design expertise in order to help maintain qualified status while continuing to meet the goals and objectives of your organization.

7. Investment expertise for evaluating, selecting and monitoring fund performance.

8. Knowledge of the provider marketplace and plan fees, expenses and revenue sharing – so that the advisor can properly benchmark plan among other service providers.

9. Enrollment and education support where the advisor meets your employees on-site to promote better understanding of investments and asset allocation.

10. Documentation system to assist with procedurally important items such as meeting minutes. Your investment charter, online file storage, etc.

11. Thought leadership and advocacy with respect to industry development, current legislation and relevant trends.

12. Full and open disclosure of all sources of fees, received in writing.