HORAN Retirement Advisors - Partnerships


Our solid partnerships within the professional community are a fundamental element of the service we offer at HORAN.

We are a member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a professional alliance of accomplished advisors that demands and delivers higher-level strategies, systems and services for qualified and nonqualified plan sponsor clients. As one of the largest independent consulting networks in the U.S., RPAG services – including investment analysis, plan design, fee benchmarkings and employee communications – help to enhance investment opportunities for our clients, while protecting fiduciaries from liability and loss. When you entrust your plan to HORAN, you gain additional advantages from RPAG:

Knowledge | RPAG’s 600 advisors represent 250 firms in 45 states dedicated to serving over 15,000 retirement plans with strategic, expertly crafted consulting services.

Expertise | Earned through skillful and steadfast management of more than $40 billion in collective retirement assets under advisement.

Ingenuity | Driven by highly evolved technology, systems and services to enhance plan performance, and ultimately, participant outcomes.

We are a member firm of the prestigious M Financial Group, a unique alliance of financial service professionals. This affiliation gives our clients access to a number of advantages, including M Financial Group’s purchasing power, proprietary products, expertise, alliance with major insurance carriers, and due care.

We are associated with United Benefit Advisors, one of the nation's largest privately held employee benefits advisory organizations, with multiple offices located throughout the U.S. UBA members provide benefits consulting and brokerage services to nearly 10,000 private corporations and public employers.

Additionally, over our many years in business, we have developed strong alliances with many top attorneys and accountants. We serve as mutual sources of referrals. We work closely with these professionals, functioning together as a team to help bring our mutual clients’ goals and objectives to fruition.

These alliances allow us to deliver legendary service to our clients.

Retirement Plan Advisory Group M Financial Group United Benefit Advisors The American College Center for Ethics in Financial Services