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Fiduciary Services

HORAN helps reduce your compliance concerns by collaborating with you to identify your greatest areas of risk and enhancing your protection through our Fiduciary Fitness Program™.

We provide specific, actionable direction to help you address liabilities and minimize your company’s risk factors in the event of a Department of Labor audit. In addition, as Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA) section 3(21) advisors, HORAN acts as a co-fiduciary, sharing your fiduciary responsibility and liability. Not all firms are willing to act as a co-fiduciary on your behalf. With HORAN as your trusted advisor, peace of mind has never been so easy.

We acknowledge our fiduciary responsibility, partnering with you to navigate and comply with the law as a plan sponsor. Here’s how: 

Fiduciary Fitness Program™ – This sophisticated decision-making process provides a customized, objective assessment of your retirement plan health. We identify ways to reduce fiduciary risk while enhancing overall retirement readiness.

Regular Compliance and Operation Reviews – HORAN uses our Fiduciary Fitness Program to perform plan operation reviews to ensure compliance as new fiduciary rules emerge.

Staying Competitive – We provide service and fee benchmarking analysis to ensure the fees you pay for our services stay reasonable and competitive.

Co-Fiduciary Status –We partner with you to share fiduciary risk and acknowledge Fiduciary and/or co-Fiduciary while keeping you informed of other ERISA fiduciary services available.


HORAN Retirement Plan Consultants In Action

The case study below illustrates HORAN's commitment to delivering great outcomes for its clients. We believe in being your partner through the complexity of compliance obligations from the Department of Labor. 

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