HORAN Wealth

HORAN Wealth

No matter where you are in life or what your goals are, the HORAN Wealth Management team and our investment strategies can help get you there.

Investment management is increasingly complex. A host of investment options, combined with fluctuating interest, inflation rates and other variables, make it difficult to determine how much you will need, where you should invest and who to turn to for assistance. A complex tax and legislative environment surrounds retirement planning which compounds the confusion. You need a partner to create a customized plan just for you.

HORAN Wealth Managers will create that plan with the right investments and an easy-to-follow contribution pattern. We will monitor and calibrate your plan over time as your life changes – as your children go to college or get married. When you do retire and need to start utilizing your retirement savings, we can implement that program for you. As your Wealth Managers, we help you through all of life’s phases.

The HORAN Wealth Management Team has a deep investment background and offers extensive portfolio management experience while specializing in sophisticated wealth management solutions to meet your individual goals.

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