HORAN Wealth

Investment Philosophy

At HORAN Wealth, we listen. We are curious about our clients, corporate and individual. We ask questions, many questions, about you, your family and what you hope to achieve in your financial future. It’s important for our caring specialists to understand the story behind the money.

Listening allows us to tailor solutions that fit the aspirations of each client. Some are intentional about accumulating more money. Some have sophisticated portfolios requiring a high degree of communication and planning. We deliver planning and investment alternatives to solve a wide range of client challenges.

At HORAN Wealth, we believe it is vital to grow with our clients. We invest in services that fit our client’s needs. That includes significant investments in financial and estate planning, Medicare and Social Security resources, investment research and reporting technology as well as compliance.

Most important is our investment in the caring specialists who serve our customers. Some of the most talented investment professionals in the region serve our clients daily. And they never forget one simple goal: to build and sustain wealth for you, our customer.

Asset Allocation

Investment Philosophy

What We Believe

We believe investment success is measured over time - not in a single trade. Economic, market and investor change requires continuous prudent asset positioning with disciplined security selection. We are fundamental, incremental and global in our thinking. We strive to exploit sustainable economic tailwinds, pricing inefficiencies and products poised to exploit these trends while mitigating the impact of economic and market headwinds.