HORAN Wealth

The HORAN Wealth Difference

HORAN provides personalized solutions to grow, protect and transfer wealth. Our team of experts provides ongoing guidance, insight and investment monitoring with complete objectivity.

Instead of treating assets as individual elements, we organize, plan and manage them as a collective whole so they work to achieve a common objective – meeting our clients’ long-term financial goals. We also coordinate relationships and strategies with attorneys, accountants, private banking representatives and other advisors to ensure all elements are strategically aligned.

Value of Working with a HORAN Advisor

We believe the value of working with a financial advisor goes beyond just providing an analysis of the returns on your investments and assessing the various risk factors of your portfolio in market.

At HORAN we understand the potential value a financial advisor can add to your financial well-being is the ability to assist you in making intelligent financial decisions over the course of your life, and even more so near and during retirement.

What We Provide

Working with HORAN will provide your portfolio with institutional level portfolio management. We have the ability to proactively adjust your portfolio automatically based on market conditions to maintain your portfolio’s risk and return characteristics.

How We Can Help

You want to plan for a great future, and as financial professionals we want to provide you with a rational approach to fulfilling your dreams. We can monitor your portfolio to help you achieve the right risk return characteristics, obtain cost effective solutions and keep you on track with your financial objectives to reach your lifetime goals.